Nice to get things out the door. When I last wrote any fiction I was about to birth a very large, bouncing baby boy. He's nine months old now, running and not walking anymore. Time to move ahead, clear my desk, and start a new project.

Which means my old projects are finally out the door. Yes, it's true. Come one, come all.

As posted here, two novellas are available for purchase (Kindle or print). Yes, print. So... so... quaint.

They are shorter pieces for smaller devices, for lack of a better way to describe it. Sensual snacks I call them.

Please check them out. Better yet, get your friends to, then borrow their copies. I'm not fussy.

After much soul-searching I have decided to issue my Terrible Two (The Fire and The Coach House) on good old-fashioned paper as well as eBook. As a former client-now-friend told me: I would want to have something on my shelf one day to remember. EBooks will be lost in the cloudware or worse, totally eradicated in some weird electronic disaster (not to get too weird about it). Besides, I have kids. Wouldn't it be nice to leave something behind to let them know their aged boring dull Mum had a bit of a life? Nice to humble and shame the kids a bit too I say.

A friend recently published an eBook and it saddens me I can't get an autographed copy of it. Maybe she can sign my Amazon receipt? But then I would have to buy ink for my printer.

All to say: print versions, however teeny these novellas are, are nearing completion. Make sure to buy one. Mama needs a new pair of stilettos.
Easter, and two eBooks, are on their way. Finishing editing. Formatting for Kindle then Kobo. We'll be launching on Amazon this spring.

Yes, it's spring now. I live in Southern Ontario Canada where it is downright summer already. Past two weeks have been nothing short of glorious. 

If you haven't had a chance to visit, my eShop Pyjama Party has been migrated. I reskinned a ZenCart and voila. As always the bulk of my business comes in via special request but to humour the masses I keep the web site running. 

Spring has Sprung though so it's time to put away the Chapmans and shed a few pounds of winter weight. Love is in the air. Or at least Lust. I'm not fussy.

Now that I have updated (and migrated! UGH) the site, I can return to writing and editing and other goodness.
My publisher, Mimi the Writer, has newly registered with Archives Canada and our brand spanking new ISBNs have arrived. 

Books are being formatted for ePub. Check back in about a month. Or four weeks. Whichever comes first. Our next stop will be to take down our Lulu content and reformat for Kindle and the always lovely (and far-reaching) Amazon.

After much soul-searching I have decided NOT to migrate the old blog to the new site. Just too much of a pain and besides, I can re-do the postings randomly and they will appear fresher than fresh, or for those who remember, a nice little trip down memory lane.