There is something delicious about seeing your work in print. And even more delicious about seeing MINE in print.

Oh yes indeedy, the print copies are done. Sure sure, it's nice to have an eReader, but isn't a paperback just so wonderful to hold? Isn't it lovely, in this digital world, to have something tangible appear?

I wanted print copies for a few reasons. Not the least of which is the now-it's-here-now-it's-gone ephemera known as "cloudware" and just digital in general. On the one hand our texts and IMs will come back to haunt us, on the other, my books will disappear, possibly never to be reformatted for whichever new reader comes along in 2018.

And isn't it nice to leave a legacy for one's progeny? Or as I put it "nice to embarrass the kids with something."

Makes Grandma seem a little more hip.

So go. Now. Run out and buy a book. Or a novella. Or two, preferably mine. Live a little.