From my Neurotica Story: Going to the Swingers Party.

My friend Jill said it was time for a change. The problem is I have no idea what non-vanilla sex really is. I mean, I’m kind of open to new experiences intellectually but to actually go and do something about it is so beyond my cognition. I am sure it would be fun to get off my back for a change but then what? Do I really want some guy I hardly know looking at my gelatinous bum or seeing my face sag over him as I ride him, assuming my trick knee doesn't give out first? Kinda makes sense, really, to stay on your back because gravity is just so much gentler although it does drop my boobs under my armpits which is totally preventable as long as I remember to keep my arms to my sides to hold my cleavage together.

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08/05/2012 10:18

Brilliant! Absolutely laugh-out-loud funny, I love it.

08/05/2012 10:42

I have to say that if she can thing of that many things during sex, she's not doing it right. LOL. Great six, Sophie! Very neurotic.

08/05/2012 12:01

You got me laughing. So funny. And sad. This is the way many women actually think!

08/05/2012 12:29

The narrator does seem charmingly neurotic, which is a nice start. And I'm not sure that a swinger's event is the best start to breaking her out of her comfort zone, but it should be interesting to read about.

08/05/2012 12:41

Ah, it's the best place to get out of your comfort zone. :)

I want to make it as "fish out of water" as possible.

Thanks for commenting Chris. Also because I found your blog which I very much enjoyed.

08/05/2012 12:29

LOL, no really, I'm laughing out loud! I LOVE this. It's funny how women stress over things like saggy boobs and faces. The guys, on the other hand, don't even notice. They're just excited they're getting some. ;-)

I can't wait to read more of this!

Susan Buchanan
08/05/2012 12:53

ha ha - for a second I didn't see any of the titles. I thought that was you talking. No offence, I thought you were doing an article. It just seemed so natural, so much the way many women think! Well done on a great six! Made me laugh - I think it was the trick knee that did it!

Sophie Sansregret
08/05/2012 16:47

I KNEW I forgot to do something, add a bit of context. Will fix that up tonight! So glad you enjoyed it Sue.

Hmm, I should do an article. Time to chat with the editor at Evolvedworld.



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