Tips for creative writing


Writing a good short story or an essay takes a lot of experience and hard work. Most of the times, you pass through several drafts before finding the right version of your text. Many obstacles might deter you from achieving your goals, such as writer’s block, lack of motivation or lack of originality. Here are some tips on creative writing that will help you overcome these issues and complete your work:

Be a fervent reader!

A good writer is, first of all, a reader. To become better at your craft, you have to learn from other practitioners and what better way to do it than to read a book whenever you get the chance. Don’t shy away from lesser known writers. Sometimes the best inspiration comes from the most unusual places.

Carry a notebook with you

Your mind can produce astounding ideas for a short story or a novel at any given time. To make sure that you do not lose a brilliant plot line, keep a notebook and a pen with you at all times. Write down every idea or observation you find useful for your projects. Later on, when you finally sit down to write your story, you can look back and draw inspiration from a broad collection containing your thoughts.

Improve your skills

A good writer is not only defined by his plotlines, but by his writing style as well. Try to improve your dictionary and your grammar with every chance you get. The broader your vocabulary is, the more versatile your style will be. Also, a clean grammar will help your readers enjoy your stories to their fullest potential.

Write every single day

There is not a single example in history where a successful writer only practiced this art for a few days every month. The best stories and novels come from daily writing and from thousands of hours spent on proofreading, re-writing and correcting paragraphs. Try your best to write every day, and you will never lack inspiration or success.